Effortlessly glamorous, often hungover, and always pushing the boundaries of bad taste; Peach is a drag and disco collective based in Hanoi. The capital's most infamous party has been a safe-space for the city's LGBTQ+ community since 2018, throwing nights that are equal parts fun, filthy, and fabulous.

The brand's identity developed naturally over the years, with its signature colour palette and bold posters designs instantly recognisable to Hanoi residents. The underlying goal was to create an aesthetic that struck a delicate balance between club-kid cool and tacky kitsch. This was to reflect the scrappy nature of the shows themselves which embodied (and still do) a punk, DIY ethos, and self-effacing tone throughout.

Graphic Design & Creative Direction :  David Morrison

Photography :

Julz Cruz Capture (@julzcruzcapture),
Duncan Maccallum (@drmphotogrpahy),
Sasha Arefievera (@sasha_arefieva)

Featured Queens:

Zazazellia (@zazazellia)
AnnieTagonist (@annietagonist)
Winnie Wakanda Washington (@winniewakandawashington)
Vexxtra von Hex & The Hex (@vvonhex)
Fiona Hi-Lee (@fiona.hilee)
Valerie Hammond (@missvaleriehammond)
Aura Hates Hue (@aura_hates_hue)
H.E.R (@theotterjesus)